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Use the Bulk Domain Authority Checker to estimate the strength of certain pages and the likelihood of a domain performing well ...
Use SEO Journey's Bulk Domain Authority Checker to estimate the strength of certain pages and the likelihood of a domain performing well.

You can use the bulk domain authority checker tool to check the authority of several domains. It’s a popular tool for SEOs who are focused on link building, which is frequently seen as the most difficult aspect of the work.

It lets you verify the domain and page authorities of external sources, as well as link urls, to see how much link equity would be transferred if the external source linked to your site or vice versa. This can assist you in identifying good websites and backlinks with which to associate yourself in order to build your link profile while avoiding low-quality sites and harmful links.

In summary

This bulk Domain Authority Checker is a helpful SEO tool for determining the authority of various websites. It’s a popular link-building tool for search engine optimization pros. The domain and page authority scores indicate how much link equity would be transferred to your site if a “do-follow” outlink from a given site or page linked to it.

Building links to increase domain authority has been proved to improve your site’s capacity to rank well in search engines for your content/keywords. When studying larger website datasets, the Moz Trust and Moz Spam Score metrics are less useful, but they can occasionally assist you detect and avoid low-quality websites.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority – or Domain Authority – is a metric that provides information about how well your website performs in search engines. This is expressed on a scale of 100, indicating how well your site performs. The score is determined by a number of considerations, such as the link profile, the reliability of a domain, and various Google signals. As per Moz, the entire (technical) SEO structure of your website has an impact on the score, but the strength of the link profile is primarily what determines the score’s height. Do not be concerned if you are not close to the 100 mark; only the goggles and Facebooks of the world can achieve that. It’s also much easier to go from 20 to 30 than from 20 to 40.

How to identify my Domain Authority?

Both your Domain Authority and Page Authority can be calculated online. This can be determined by the URL of your website. Page Authority denotes the ability to create value per webpage. The more pages that have a high value, the higher the pages will rank in Google. A new business usually has a value of between $10 and $25. If you want your internet domain to rank well and be considered a serious authority by Google, you must have at least 40. This means that your website will rise in the rankings. Your site’s Domain Authority can be increased, but it will take time.

How can you boost your Domain Authority?

Improving Domain Authority, while somewhat technical, is easily accomplished through a series of small tasks:

  1. Create relevant backlinks to your website: The number and quality of links connecting your website to other websites have a significant impact. What you want is for a large number of high-quality websites to link to yours. Look for opportunities to link to other websites via other websites. For example, it is simple to establish an authority link to your website via Wikipedia.
  2. Remove all bad incoming and outgoing links: Bad incoming links do not have a large impact on Domain Authority, but they do matter. Examine your backlinks online and look for low-quality links. There are a number of tools available to assist you in removing these links. Outbound links, on the other hand, have a significant impact. Avoid linking to spam websites by linking to relevant, high-quality websites instead.
  3. Improve the content, performance, and responsiveness of your website: work on faster loading times, which may necessitate selecting a faster host or removing individual widgets from your website. Make use of a sitemap and keep it updated on a regular basis. To avoid indexing pages unnecessarily, optimise meta and title tags and descriptions, use appropriate headers, and use no index tags.

Additionally, if this is relevant to your project, make a consistent presence on the Internet via your various social media accounts. Any link to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+ is an authority link that can help you increase your Domain Authority.


Your website’s content has the greatest influence on its Domain Authority.

  • Take care of your content,
  • Make good links,
  • and be patient.

Your Domain Authority will be able to grow as a result of the advice we’ve given you. Maybe not tomorrow, but if you keep working, you will see your Domain Authority grow in front of your browser!

How much authority has your website? Discover it today for free.

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